The Creation of Bespoke Furniture

This page details the production of a bespoke display and storage cabinet to match my client's existing unit as closely as possible within the constraints of materials availability and budget.

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The Original Cabinet

This is an in-situ position photograph of the piece of furniture that my client asked me to re-create, and the starting point for this whole project.

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The Plans

Drawn from very accurate measurements taken from the original piece, my detailed plans form the blueprint for the new cabinet.

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The Cabinet Base

The cabinet base, to house the drawers, begins to take shape.

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The Cabinet Base (Rear)

Around the back of the drawer base.

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Trial Assembly

The top and bottom sections come together for the first time for a trial assembly.

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Building the Drawers

These are the materials required just to make up the drawers!

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The Drawers

A top quality drawer, fully dovetailed, made from Solid Oak and Utile with Ebony cocked beading around the edge.

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Drawers Fitted

The drawers are checked for fitting and adjusted as necessary. That's a LOT of dovetail joints!

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Ready For Finishing

One final assembly prior to finishing. Note that all of the handles are drilled and trial fitted too.

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The first stage of finishing was to oil the pieces to enhance the grain.

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The Finished Article

In all it's glory, the completed cabinet.


The Commissioning Process

I try to make the commissioning of furniture a very personal, enjoyable and rewarding experience in which the client takes an active role at all stages of the journey from workshop to their home.

A full explanation of the commissioning process and the services I offer can be seen on the Bespoke Pieces page.

Bespoke Pieces

As a skilled cabinet maker, I am more than happy to discuss the commissioning of new bespoke pieces. Feel free to contact me with your ideas for a no-obligation discussion.


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