Recent Projects

Oak Two-over-two Chest of Drawers

A post-war two-over-two (denoting the drawer arrangement) oak chest of drawers which was left in-situ whilst a property was rented and discovered in a poor state on the owner's return. Of great sentimental value, the chest's top showed significant staining and water damage.

The restoration process involved masking off the top (1) and chemical stripping. The top was then bleached to remove traces of the staining (2). The top was then French Polished, cut back with fine steel wool and waxed to finish (3). The rest of the chest was waxed to blend the piece together (4).

American Wall Clock

Brought to me in a bin bag at an antiques fair, this clock was in a very poor state and in several pieces (1). Apparently it had resided in a chicken shed for many years and when the roof blew off the shed in a storm, it soon deteriorated further!

The remains of the clock were cleaned up and the surface woodworm damage filled. One of the original segments of veneer and marquetry remained, and used as a pattern to make replacements for the clock face surround. A new piece of marquetry was made for the lower face of the clock using the owner's memories to provide an idea of what it might look like. Two new roundels were turned for the ends of the section under the door, and the whole case re-veneered in the style of the original using clues from the glue lines on the old timber (2).

Once assembled, the walnut veneer was aged using nitric acid and then French Polished (3).


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