Restoration Techniques Commonly Used

The restoration of antique furniture involves a broad range of skills, including:

Cabinet Making

From putting things back together to sourcing or making new and replacement parts


Re-fitting pieces that have dropped off; replacing complete surfaces as well as stringing and cross-banding

Furniture Repairs

Replacing worn parts such as drawer runners and repairing breaks to legs, etc.

Oil Gilding

From small touch-ups to making missing parts including gesso, and gilding in various grades of gold


Casting of replacement parts; re-fitting of handles & hinges


From leather pulls on writing slopes to complete replacement desk tops

Marquetry and Inlay

Simple repairs of loose pieces through to complete replacement working from the original pattern

Hand Finishing

A number of techniques are practiced, including French Polishing, Wax Polishing and Oil Finishes

Sympathetic Restoration

Using traditional techniques and materials to effect repairs

Mark Reduction

Most commonly white marks, scratches and stains in furniture surfaces

Complimentary Services

I can also arrange for traditional upholstery, caning and rush seating to be carried out locally, so saving you the trouble of having to transport pieces of furniture from one specialist to another.


My Background

I trained under Bruce Luckhurst at The Little Surrenden Workshops, Kent, in 2003. Since then I have trained in the restoration of modern furniture finishes with Konig UK.


Restoration Examples


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