Workshop Tour

People find my workshop fascinating; the selection of tools and works-in-progress are varied and invite lots of questions from my visitors. So much so that I'd like to share a few pictures and descriptions with you online.

The Main Workshop

Converted from a garage, the workshop is long and quite narrow. The workbench and tool boards sit in the main working area where everything is to hand and has its own storing place. A lot of restoration work is done by hand, rather than machine, to replicate the way the piece would have been made originally.

The wooden moulding planes on the top shelf are used regularly, and the double boiler & glue pot at the end of the bench are constantly 'on-the-go' to supply boiling water for cleaning & disassembly, as well as traditional hot hide glue. Of all the machinery in the workshop, the Hammer Bandsaw probably sees the most use.

The lathe is used for turning new parts, from spindles to knobs. At the far end of the workshop lives the Felder CF731 Universal Machine which is a table saw, planer/thicknesser and spindle moulder in one. When not being used for machining, it is covered with boards and makes an excellent bench.

The final picture shows just part of my wood store. This is mainly reclaimed timber which is used for repairs, thereby allowing a better match.

The Polishing Shop

My polishing shop is in a different building from the main workshop in order to reduce the risk of dust contamination. It also doubles as a store for incoming projects. Heated by oil-filled radiators and fitted with a dehumidifier and air filter, the environment is perfect for the application and drying of polished, waxed, varnished and painted finishes.


Bespoke Pieces

As a skilled cabinet maker, I am more than happy to discuss the commissioning of new bespoke pieces. Feel free to contact me with your ideas for a no-obligation discussion.


Restoration Examples


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